A little about the artist

Susan Goh  is a self taught artist whose style reflects her outgoing personality. Recalling her secondary school days, her favorite  subject was art and always wonder why the class is over so fast. Very often she daydreams about the things she would paint when she grows up. Those moments were always so magical.  Growing up in an era  as a Chinese girl in Singapore, art was a luxury and not a career option.  Apart from the occasional ancestral  photographs and the lunar calendar there wasn't much wall art. Even if the children brought home their art from school, those were not displayed but quietly put away.  As she got older,  she got caught up in a fast paced city lifestyle and any concept of creating  art became a secret dream.   Susan subsequently relocated to the United States. One day, she decided she needed to pursue this passion, ditched her job and started taking art classes and workshops and hasn't looked back ever since. 



Using a different variety of mediums, such as collages, ink, acrylics, pastels and oil allows Susan to venture out and be immersed in the moment. When words failed, color dance!    The notion of thinking outside the box is not even a question at all.....since there is no box to begin with. After all,  Susan has already held her passion for so many years.  It's time to soar! 



Susan is strongly influenced by emotion and inspired by things around her.  In her studio, emotions translate into colors, colors into textures, textures into form and form into depth. Each composition manifests in its own style allowing her to incorporate endless possibilities. Creating and painting evoke  a profound excitement and spiritual well being that is both therapeutic and satisfying.

When asked about her goal, Susan says " My vision is to share the beauty of art with the world.  I strongly believe that art can bring people together regardless of race, language, religion or gender. "

Behind the happy face, Susan grows up in a humble environment surrounded by kind and loving relatives and friends. Susan develops a deep rooted compassion for those less fortunate.  Giving back  to those in need, both animals and people who have no organizational support is her way of counting her many blessings.